Buffing wheels are designed to perform two important functions in the metal polishing process:-
(1) to carry the abrasive buffing compound across the work surface to produce a cutting and colouring action
(2) where required, to generate sufficient heat to permit burnishing the work surface

Sisal buffs are available in a wide variety of constructions. There are many applications where they can be used to produce a more aggressive buffing action and therefore require further research depending on your particular buffing operation.

  • Bias-Cut woven sisal fiber is sandwiched between layers of bias-cut cotton and sewed into a packet strip.  Intended for those buffing operations that require a more aggressive cutting and leveling action than can be obtained with bias cotton buffs.  Type "RS" open-face sisal/cloth buffs effectively remove or blend metal stretcher strains, ripples, score marks, light die and tool marks, and other surface imperfections from drawn, stamped, roll-formed ferrous metals as well as non-ferrous metals.  Flexibility is retained, allowing this buff to be particularly adaptable to buffing concave, contoured, recessed and drawn profile forms.
  • Open Double Cloth Bias Sisal (ODCBS) buffs provide the most flexibility.  The buffs are constructed with one ply of woven sisal with a ply of cloth sewn on each side.  These buffs do not leave the deep sisal scratches that are created by bias sisal buffs.  The quilting of the cloth and sisal provides flexibility in the buffing of contoured parts and enables the buffs to effectively hold compound.  The ODCBS buffs are used for fast cutting and can produce a high luster finish on automotive and motorcycle parts as well as steel tubing and cookware.  The buffs adapt well to flat and irregular surfaces.
  • Similar construction to the white "RS" type but with resin dip treatment resulting in a stiffer buff and a more aggressive polishing action than untreated buffs can provide.  Treating also contributes to longer buff life.
  • 3450 rpm
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